Keep up the Awesome Job you guys are doing!!!


Name: Sean R.
Country: USA
Subject: Torq Quiver
City: kailua
State: HI

Hi, Just wanted to tell you how much I love your boards. 
I have a 6'3" thruster model and a 6' hybrid model. They are both amazing boards. Never thought I would enjoy boards made in China!! Hahaha!!! But I was proven wrong. I have ridden both in solid 6' hawaiian surf here on Oahu. I love how solid they are built and that they are not potato chip boards. I have had the thruster for almost 2 years now and the Hybrid for about 8 months. If I were to strip the wax off I don't think I would even find a pressure ding on either!!! That is saying a lot because my other PU boards all have pressures. I am sold on Torq's technology and talk them up to friends when ever I can. If I can I plan to get the Multiplier and possibly the fish in the future. Keep up the Awesome Job you guys are doing!!! 
My Hybrid has become my all time favorite board!!! Just surfed Rocky point and Gas Chambers yesterday and it was a solid 5' Hawaiian and that board just blows my mind!! It catches waves so easy and is so fun to ride!!!


Sean R.